Time To Leave California

It had been over four years since I made the trek out here to Canoga Park, CA. I have learned a lot and broadened the horizons I knew needed work. With 32 years under my belt, I hope one day I can look back on this time fondly. The times I had with my brother, some of...

Tiger Postin’

All I know is that Tig has got it tough. For all these years he has put up with all of our antics. Traveling to Lake Tahoe and to Culver City has got to take its toll on such a great gato.  But yet he progresses each and every day with very little complaining....

Jones Bros Music Intro

Jones Bros Music Intro

Music has been in the Jones Bros Music lives. Since we can remember, everything we've done has been centered around music. For Kyle and Quinn Jones the talent never lied within our fingers on each of the instruments we tried out. But that only gave us more...

New C Jones Homes .com

New C Jones Homes .com

Real Estate Agent Website based in Carmel, IN but available worldwide. Christine Jones Sells Homes. With a new website and logo we are excited for the rest of 2020! Check Out

New Logo

New Logo We have 3 new logo choices and I really cannot decide. Would love to make a poll and let the viewers choose. 

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